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Divide, Isolate, Demolish

What a gift.

The  “Stimulus” passed by one Senate vote.  That means every single Democrat (plus Collins, Snowe and Specter) can be wholly, individually and completely held responsible for it —by themselves.  Without their particular vote, it would not have been passed.  In 2010,  this will be a powerful weapon, as TV ads can legitimately portray each Democrat as having cast the deciding vote.

They can’t blame it on the President.  They can’t blame it on the Republicans, they can’t blame it on their fellow Democrats.  The blame is wholly, entirely, theirs alone to bear…

….and not just the vote for the “Stimulus.”

The vote for no transparency.

The vote to not read the bill.

The vote to hide from the people the contents of the bill.

All insisted upon and decided by that Democrat Senator in your state.

As that famous recent Illinois Governor said, “this is golden.”

Update: advice not taken……. what is the GOP drinking thinking?


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