Buffet’s Baloney Boo-fay

In every disaster somebody makes money.

In a hurricane it’s the plywood wholesaler.  In a blizzard it’s the guy selling snow shovels.  And when Big Taxation blows into town, it’s the tax-shelter man who cleans up. And who sells tax shelters? Why Berkshire Hathaway handles that, Warren Buffet’s company.

So Buffet claims he’s willing to pay higher taxes in the future (so he can sell more and bigger tax shelters)  yet Berkshire Hathaway owes billions in back taxes —all the way back to 2002.

Who does Warren Buffet think he’s fooling? ……Besides Barack Obama, I mean.

Buffet Rule Update (April 16th, 2012):

Just too funny. There’s an exemption for Tax-Free Municipal bonds, which means there would be a stampede to buy them which, in turn, means whoever holds them will make some sweet profits.

…..and who holds tons of tax-free Municipal Bonds? Why Berkshire Hathaway. To the tune of $4.3 Billion…..yeah, with a “B.”

Question: When Warren Buffet calls the White House, what does he say?

“Hi, this is Warren.  Please connect me with my Stradivarius.”


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