Double-Standardized Latinas

Sonia we know, but Susana…..Who is she?

From the “Damning with ‘Ain’t Praise” Department:

Glorious Praises were heaped upon Sonia Sotomayor last year, when she was nominated to the position of Associate Supreme Court Justice. She was featured on cover after cover of every major newsmag, some of them featuring her pleasant countenance more than once.  She was feted and greeted and interviewed by everyone from Oprah to Chopra.  There were mountains of TV  yak-yak.  And that’s all fine, first Latina to sit with the Supremes was a real milestone.

But contrast those quivers of shivers with November, in which the first Latina ever was elected to the office of  Governor.  No magazine covers, few articles, no Oprah, no Chopra.  Just a terse one-sentence comment, quickly deposited, “Susana Martinez of New Mexico is the first Latina to be elected governor of any state……..” and then, like a whisper lost in the night air…..nothing.  I thought it might change with Inauguration Day, but no.

You see, Susana Martinez is one of them, a Republican, and worse, a Palinite.  Since the great majority of journalists in the USA selected their career path because, in their words,  they “wanted to make a difference, by which they invariably mean, “a positive impact for leftist viewpoints, they are subconciously engaged in the art of ostrich emulation.  It really is kind of humorous to see the choreographed unity of all those liberal butts sticking up in the air.

You think it’s just an oversight?  If you’re a political junkie, explain this:

Also in November, for the first time, an African-American female was elected Lieutenant Governor of a state.  Remember the story? Can you name her? Can you name the state? Of course not….she’s a Republican….., a conservative Republican.


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