First, the not so weird stuff.

First, the not such weird stuff:

Having lived in Michigan, New Jersey, Boston and Chicago, I’m now living the semi-retirees’ dream in full panoramic view of the Colorado Rockies.  My original wife hasn’t left me yet, and my 4 kids have so far produced 6 grandkids.  They all have dogs, which is why I have none.

There is a lot of detritus is included about my obscure but strange life, The oddities are all filed under “Weird Stuff About Phil.”.  How I completed my Army service without once picking up a weapon, escaped from prison over 100 times, and married a Moroccan princess.

Politics (right-of-center), International Affairs (an internationalist, but not a globalist,) and Faith (without Jesus, I’m for sure going to hell) are where most of the serious stuff lies.  I also love travel, baseball, and college  football.  And my wife.

The oddities are all filed under “Wierd Stuff About Phil.”

The basic mostly boring data:

Born in Holland Michigan, attended Holland High School, graduated from Hope College, lived a year in the Newark African-American “ghetto,” survived the 3rd Medical Battalion, 3rd Infantry Division, worked as a medic for Walpole State (a prison, definitely not a university!), a few other companies, got married to the most honest person I ever met, did a year at Moody Bible Institute, home-schooled 2 of my kids, retired from FedEx (25 years) , spent 4 years driving big rigs in Chicago (you know those torn-up low-clearance  bridges…?..), retired to Colorado, taught advanced math and reading to 5th-graders (yes, as a matter of fact I am smarter than….), and love hiking in the high country as long as I can get in a real bed at night.  My favorite quote on that subject is from Bob Wentz:

“I have never slept in a sleeping bag. ….. Spent many a night in one, but never slept in one.”


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