Digging Up Another Obama “Corpse-Man”

I’m an ex-Corpsman from the Army Medical Corps myself,

….. so I got a lot of laughs from Obama’s gaffes….

…..last October, that is.   Long before his February repeated  use of the term “corpse-man,” for “corpsman,” Obama made the same mistake in Florida in October of 2009  when addressing Navy personnel deploying to the Middle East:


And, I believe there was yet another such use in 2009, but I haven’t been able to pinpoint* it.  When I heard the comment in October, I thought “for crying out loud, Obama said it again” because I recalled he had used “corpse-man” or “corpse-men” once before.  You’d think there would be somebody on the President’s staff smart enough to correct this repeated silliness.

*I’m not exactly sure when corpse-man‘s first use occurred, but what I DO remember is joking at the time that I missed my calling: As a former military corpse-man,  I was obviously intended to to be an undertaker.


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