You Can’t Get to the White House from Alaska.

Palin adjusts to the real world while pundits spin elaborate theories.

The cold reality is that the logistics make running for the Presidency by a sitting Alaskan Governor a nightmarish undertaking.   You cannot get to the White House by crossing six time zones four times a week.

Today’s political landscape requires that a candidate start frequent flying to  key primary states, early and often, to say nothing of all the IOU states, and all the hundreds of fund-raisers and scattered local pressers.  President Obama began his campaign after exactly 104 working days in the Senate.

A Governor of Ohio can fly to Iowa for a breakfast meet-and-greet, swoop back to Columbus for 4 hours of state business, zip down to Virgina for an evening fund-raiser, and still sleep at the governor’s mansion that night.

An Alaskan Governor cannot do that.

The going rate for a Gulfstream IV business jet is $5,500 per hour, and it cruises at 530 mph. That means a single 90-minute meet-and-greet plus rubber chicken appearance in Florida would take a day and a half, and set a Palin pre-primary campaign back  more than $100,000 in  transportation costs alone.  And Palin does not have Romney-sized pockets.

Every third day she’d have to be back in Alaska to slosh out the arson fires set by the Democratic operatives in the Legislature, easily the most juvenile political caucus in North America.   They’d be yanking her chain every time her plane reached V-1 speed.  Hollis French* and the Spitball Boys have already perfected the yank-back yo-yo technique over the past 11 months, with the full encouragement of their slavishly obedient Anchorage Daily News and a smirking-in-the-sleeve White House.

Timing is everything in politics, and Sarah is hot.  She’s got more electricity in her trigger finger than the entire US power grid. One lightning bolt from her announcement and the Michael Jackson Woe-B-Unto-Us Fest was jolted clean off the telly for two days.   No one else in politics could do that.  Some love her, some hate her, but everyone in the political universe has their eyes fixed on her.  People want to know:

“Is she done for?”…..”Is she nuts?”…… “Is this some secret strategy?”……”Is Unsubstantiated Scandal Rumor #143 about to spring?”    An expectant nation waits with bated breath.

…..meantime, she walks away and goes fishing for lunkers, big-as-your-leg lunkers, on the icy Bristol River.  She knows exactly how to play the fish, and she’s going to end up with a boatload.

Resigning strengthens her hand.

Palin’s now free to hit the road unleashed from the busybodies of the Alaska Democratic  Party.  Fundraising and IOU-collecting on the 2010 GOP candidates circuit is going to be a thermonuclear experience.

She’s free to write her book, which is a guaranteed #1 blockbuster on the NYT list, free go back to doing a TV show, free to travel, hunt with Merkle (Ich bin eine Jaeger!), visit her son in Iraq, get the Pope to autograph her bible, schmooze with Sarkozy and his Celebri-Babe.  Free to raise a billion dollar war chest.   Free to give us a tour of safe and clean drilling  on the North Slope and off the Jindal Coast, then free to show the preferred Obama Petroleum sources: the slimy waters of Lake Maracaibo, the fish-dead rivers of Angola, the oil slicks of the Persian Gulf …….

And what are the negatives?

That she’s going to be criticized, mocked and scorned?

With Geithner and Obama and their All-Time-Slowest-Stimulus-Ever, we may all end up in the poorhouse, but don’t despair.   Get the big popcorn…..we’ve got some great entertainment coming down the Alaska Highway.


* Hollis French, for those of you who may have forgotten, was the Alaska legislator and Obama campaign activist who, when appointed chair of the “Troopergate” investigation, promised to deliver the Governor’s “head on a platter.”  Owing to years of low educational standards, it is rare to find a Democrat who can discern just what might be askew about that.

It was the investigative committee of Mr. French which wrote in its final report that Palin had “broken laws,” though,  for some strange and unexplained reason, those laws were never named.

Update: Lindell at Alaska Dispatch speaks out:



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3 responses to “You Can’t Get to the White House from Alaska.

  1. stumpedagain

    It’s difficult to recall Biden’s mistatements of fact because you get your news from Obama’s pillow boys and pom-pom girls. It is their practice, if not actual policy, to minimize and ignore the errors of Obama and Biden while underlining, ad nauseum, the mis-steps of the opposition. When Obama said he had “visited 57 states and that leaves one more to go” it was ignored, as was his comment that the tornado in Greenburg Kansas had “killed 10,000 people,” and dozens of similar ridiculous comments.

    Take a peek at this video of Obama responding to a question about health care:

    Now THAT is more embarrassing than ANY of Palin’s respones.


  2. I’ve never seen that video. It is very disappointing. However, I don’t think its more embarrassing than any of Palin’s responses. There’s a difference between getting flustered and not being able to think or defend your own points a majority of the time. Again, I do agree that the video you shared is a pretty embarrassing moment for Obama. I just don’t think its any worse than anything Palin did.

  3. stumpedagain

    “I’ve never seen that video. It is very disappointing…”

    But that’s my point…’ve never seen it, nor the rest of the extensive Obama and Biden Gaffe Library.

    If you only listen to friends of Barack and Joe, you will only see the Palin gaffes over and over until you get sick (which from your own testimony, has already happened), while seeing few, if any, of the other side.

    The result cannot be anything but an unbalanced view.

    In comparing Palin and the putatively superior Biden, the fact is that while Joe talks fast and with admittedly superior grammar, his brain is popping with “facts” that just aren’t so. What’s particularly shocking is that with many years on the Foreign Relations Committee, in the debate he incorrectly placed Darfur in Chad (Palin correctly put it in Sudan), invented in his mind a new missle for Pakistan that can hit Israel and Europe (not so), and claimed the US along “with France” had kicked Hezbollah out of Lebanon (would that it were true!). He also mis-stated Obama’s commitment to meet A-Jhad without preconditions. And that’s just on Biden’s “specialty.”