Gitmo Torture of Misguided Chaps?

Thinking it through.

Long-time American foreign policy critic Mark Danner says he has a copy of the secret ICRC report on the investigation of torture  at Gitmo.  Based on interviews with 14 (why so few?) terrorist detainees, Danner says the ICRC comes to the conclusion that they were tortured.  Why? Because, although these misguided chaps were isolated from each other, their stories had significant and “detailed overlap.”

Do you get this?  I mean, look at the background:

1. Al-Qaida guys were trained in the black arts of torture.

2. They observed the application of  torture techniques.

3. They participated in torture.

4. They agreed, in their training, that if captured they would accuse their captors of torture.

So  “detailed overlap”  means they are telling the truth?

It would be helpful if Mr. Danner would release the entire report, and one does wonder why he has not.

And, since my head of steam is not yet relieved,  I’ve been wondering about the Obama administration.  They castigate George Bush, who had three weeks to figure out what to do with the detainees, for choosing Guantanamo.

And yet, after seven luxurious years of hindsight, they cannot name a better location.  They haven’t a clue.

They’re just stumped.


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